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if you love a real showpiece as your favorite instrument then this one will catch your eye! its got lovely soft rosey brown colour tones in the timber unique to a stringy ark log, it has a really featured bell shape with its natural flare and off shaped bell. This stick has a very natural feel and look about it. 

 fitted with a Traditional natural bees wax mouthpiece it would be ideal for someone beginning who wants to shift the mouthpiece size to suit or will also suit someone who just loves the more natural traditional feel to a didgeridoo. 

 playing wise this piece is great! its bell size offers it some really good volume, its got a good crunch sound to it and not overly bassy so would suit traditional styles of playing with its slightly flatter tonal qualitys which fit a trad style player perfectly! this peice would look great displayed on a wall, i really love th elook of this one. its a lovely playing instrument and i hope it gets used! cos it deserves to be heard :) 


This didgeridoo comes complete with a custom heavy duty padded canvas O'Meara didgeridoo case, Also inside you will find an original album on CD "Southern breezes." by Tristan O'Meara.

key " E " O'Meara Didgeridoo

  • key  E
    toots F - D
    wood Stringy bark
    length 149cm 
    bell 16cm x 13cm 


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