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O'Meara Branded Didgeridoos

O’Meara didgeridoos are stage quality instruments made for both the professional and enthusiast or beginners just getting started.

O’Meara didgeridoos meet a strict criteria of playing quality and sound. The O’Meara brand only goes on personally hand crafted didgeridoos by Tristan O’Meara. They are all tuned concert pitch to 440hz.  (432hz can be made custom upon request.) They come with either a hand figured “Queens ebony-wood” or “bees-wax” mouthpiece for comfort and performance, and are finished with the highest quality UV resistant epoxy resin, followed by a  hand cut & polish with Australian carnauba wax for a premium flawless finish that protects as well as looks great.

All O’Meara branded didgeridoos are made from genuine termite hollowed Australian native eucalyptus trees. All wood is sustainably harvested by Tristan O’Meara operating in compliance with a Northern Territory national parks permit.


O’Meara Didgeridoos represent the finest instrument quality didgeridoos in the world.

Made to last a lifetime for you to love and enjoy

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