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  • Can I ship a didgeridoo to my country?
    yes!! we ship anywhere in the world with express door to door service using DHL, FedEx or TNT depending on which country your in prices vary slightly. customs fees may apply so please check with your local authorities to find out more about your countries import taxes & dutys. Please use the shipping calculator to find out how much to ship to you!
  • Can I insure against loss or damage in the post?
    Yes fully comprehensive insurance is available at a small extra cost incase of loss or damage (which however very rarely occurs.) but for peace of mind and a small extra fee it is advisable.
  • How can I make payment?
    Payments can be made easily through the shopping cart via credit / debit card, Paypal, Transfer wise or bank transfers. A confirmation receipt of payment and invoice will be provided for your records via email.
  • What type of timber is it?
    All timber used is Australian native eucalyptus. I pro-dominantly use the sub-species of NT bloodwood, woolybutt or stringy-bark eucalyptus trees
  • Are your didgeridoos termite hollowed?
    Yes all my didgeridoos are made from native termite hollowed eucalyptus trees in Australia. They are harvested personally by myself on permits and sustainably sourced.
  • Do you harvest all your own trees for making didgeridoos?
    Yes. I harvest all of my own termite hollowed trees for making my didgeridoos. I am one of the very few didgeridoo makers who actually harvests their own wood in which I'm using to make my instruments. it is a great advantage to harvest ones own wood as I have complete control over what wood I use and its the only way to know your getting the best of the termite hollowed trees available! i actually harvest and supply termite hollowed trees for many of Australia's limited high end didgeridoo makers.
  • Are O’Meara branded didgeridoos tuned concert pitch?
    Yes all O’Meara branded didgeridoos are tuned instruments to concert pitch in 440hz.
  • How is my wood sourced?
    I personally harvest all my tree stems from the Northern Territory in Australia with permission from land owners and on a NT national parks permit with a limited number of trees allowable to take native flora. A strict selective method is used to only harvest trees which are perfect for making high quality didgeridoos, and each tree is drill checked and measured for termite activity and correct hollowness before being taken.
  • How do I make my didgeridoos?
    Please head over to the About page to watch the full video on the didgeridoo making process!
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