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The opal series didgeridoos are specially selected instruments in the collection of O’Meara didgeridoos.  

They are the best of the best and made with all the added trimmings, inlaid with solid opals and represent my finest work. Suitable for any level of player from beginners to advanced. These are the ones that stood out whilst being made… with the nicest timber features, the highest of playing qualities, the rarest of logs, they are simply the best of the best!

 Each comes with a uniquely figured “Queens ebony” bell trim for added strength and durability, and / or brass and copper inlays, as well as a hand figured “Queens ebony” mouthpiece, trimmed with native acacia blackwood and bunya pine they also come equiped with a custom heavy duty padded canvas O’Meara didgeridoo case. Each of the opal series didgeridoos has their own unique solid Australian opal inlaid into the instrument as a mark of its quality.

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