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a beuatiful piece :) lovely deep red colour tones on this unique little player. open bore warm tone for a high G has nice balance of bass and mids with good crunchy tone for trad style playing if thats what your into? this piece has some really unique dry rot timber grain patterns through out th elog, with an added NSW bloodwood and victorian ash bell trim for strength and durability and looks this piece will be a great stick for anyone collection! lovely little player ideal for stage or dance performance as its so light n easy to hold. 


Fitted with "Queens" ebonywood mouthpiece, trimmed with acacia blackwood and bunya pine. this one was a custom build for famous musician Xavier Rudd so has larger mouthpiece at 36mm wood, but i have added a thin slither of black bees wax to reduce it down to 31mm for comfort and ease of playing. the toot wasnt tuned quite perfectly for his stage use so i made him another one. so this one is going for a bargain price!! normally $1990 its reduced to only $1490 !! get this one quick! :) 

The ebony wood mouthpieces have Tristans exclusive inner lip design for both comfortability and adjustability to open mouthpiece size up to 32mm if preferred. Initial standard made size comes at 30mm


This didgeridoo comes complete with a custom heavy duty padded canvas O'Meara didgeridoo case, Also inside you will find an original album on CD "Southern breezes." by Tristan O'Meara.

key " G " omeara didgeridoo

AU$1,990.00 Regular Price
AU$1,490.00Sale Price
  • key G
    toot G#
    length 125cm
    bell 12.5cm x 11cm 
    wood NT bloodwood with NSW bloodwood bell trim


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