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a pumping little stick! dont be fooled by its petite size ;) this stick rocks! if you want a past clear crisp performance trad style F# this one fits your bill! :p id say this one is more mago style stick with a slightly more open bore at mouthpiece end, its roomy for vocals but still has nice easy toot that stands out and both toots easy to hit for the experianced player. its very light weight so has great volume and resonance and a good bass tone for a high key such as F# , would suit stage or acoustic dance performance perhaps?  plays with ease and has great back pressure, a great little stick if you enjoy faster styles of playing such as trad or trancey beats. very slight bend in it acts as a bit of a compresison chamber which i like how it effects its playing :) the stringy bark log has lovely colour tones and some neat timber grain features with a nice shapely little bell of around 11cm. 


Fitted with "Queens" ebonywood mouthpiece, trimmed with acacia blackwood and bunya pine.

The ebony wood mouthpieces have Tristans exclusive inner lip design for both comfortability and adjustability to open mouthpiece size up to 32mm if preferred. Initial standard made size comes at 30mm


This didgeridoo comes complete with a custom heavy duty padded canvas O'Meara didgeridoo case, Also inside you will find an original album on CD "Southern breezes." by Tristan O'Meara.

key "F#"

  • KEY F#
    TOOTS F#/G - F 
    WOOD Stringy bark 
    LENGTH 125cm
    BELL 11cm x 10.5cm 


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