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This gorgeous Bloodwood is such a breeze to play. plays with a whisper, has a nice easy toot and perfect pressure. its lovely classic yidaki shape and beuatiful timber fetures make it a real looker. This instrument is really well balanced in bass mid and tops its clear, loud and resonate. if pushed hard it sits ever so slightly sharp of E or if your a softer more relaxing player then it sits nicely right on E .

a lovely player and very well priced. this stick would suit a solo player or someone doing percussion or someone who is looking to explore multiple styels of playing this stick would work great with traditional, contempory or relaxing rythems. its a great all round stick. 


Fitted with "Queens" ebonywood mouthpiece, trimmed with acacia blackwood and bunya pine.

The ebony wood mouthpieces have Tristans exclusive inner lip design for both comfortability and adjustability to open mouthpiece size up to 32mm if preferred. Initial standard made size comes at 30mm


This didgeridoo comes complete with a custom heavy duty padded canvas O'Meara didgeridoo case, Also inside you will find an original album on CD "Southern breezes." by Tristan O'Meara.

key E O'Meara Didgeridoo

  • KEY "E"    slightly sharp
    TOOT "E"    slightly flat
    WOOD NT Bloodwood
    LENGTH 155cm
    BELL 12cm x 14cm 


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