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this gorgeous long C bloodwood has a deep soothing tone yet backpressure flows very easily and plays with little effort. its deep dark red colours make it really stand out. this stick produces a big vibration and good volume. nice balance of bass tones with a clear crisp mids n tops cutting through still. 


a great didge for solo or group meditaion sessions, healing, or a great companion instrument for a band with relaxing music. you can punch this stick fast too tho and has nice easy toots. with its open bore it has heaps vocal room yet retains good easy backpressure. 


has a medium size patch on the back of it near bell when red colour turns to beige, barely noticable and very solid patch. price reduced due to this so its a great value didge. looks epic, plays beuatifully. 


Fitted with a traditional style black bees wax mouthpiece for softer comfort and easily adjustable size.


This didgeridoo comes complete with a custom heavy duty padded canvas O'Meara didgeridoo case, Also inside you will find an original album on CD "Southern breezes." by Tristan O'Meara.

Key "C" O'Meara Didgeridoo

AU$1,790.00 Regular Price
AU$1,253.00Sale Price
  • Key  C
    Toot  C#-G#-G
    Wood  Bloodwood
    Length 193cm
    Bell 12.5cm x 13cm


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