So what’s involved in making my didges?

Every instrument I make is guaranteed to last you a lifetime if taken care of correctly. It will last you for decades without splits in the timber or cracks and fading in the finish. All of my didges are 100% made by myself from start to finish. They are all carved by hand with antique wood working tools and are carefully hand chiseled with a series of specially made chisels also by myself. The didmi is then fine tuned on the inside for maximum performance. Once the chiseling, fine tuning and careful shaping is done to get the didgeridoo down to the perfect weight, wall thickness and look, they are coated inside and out with an epoxy 2 pac resin of super high quality. The resin has added UV protectants to ensure a long lasting clear natural finish.

The didges are finished on the exterior with several coats of high clear epoxy resin that sets rock hard for better protection against chips and scratches. After this, I cut back the resin to a super fine finish and hand polish it with a canuaba wax polish to add that French polished look to your natural timber didgeridoo. This allows you the option to re-polish your didgeridoo each year or two which takes ten minutes and brings it back to looking brand new! A polyurethane finish is more common but does not last as long and can not be so easily polished up to new. I spend countless wonderful hours collecting timber, curing it, carving it, shaping it, chiseling it, tuning it, sanding it, dressing it, and then finally, playing it

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