So what got me into making didjis?

Already being a songwriter and musician, I wanted many different key didgeridoos to suit my music, but couldn’t afford to buy them all, so I traveled further up the cape of north Queensland, over to the top end of the NT and as far as western Australia to find didgeridoo makers that would show me how to craft these awesome things and how to find the correctly eaten termite hollowed wood in the Australian bush-lands. It was a joyous, lengthy and often very frustrating and difficult task, which spanned a few years of traveling. I was lucky enough to meet some great guys along the way through each state, both white Australians and aboriginal men. They were kind enough to share their time, skills and knowledge with me, getting me on my way to cutting and making my own didgeridoos.

Over the past ten years I have found myself mixing with many didge makers of both Aboriginal and European decent. I’ve spent countless hours perfecting my techniques of crafting these beautiful instruments through trial and error and trying new methods and ideas out. It’s seen me through making over a thousand didgeridoos.

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