Other Stockists

Australia Stockist

In the spirit gallery store you will find the largest range of O’Meara Didgeridoos Worldwide. Reno from Spirit gallery has worked closely with me for several years, helping me to reach the highest possible quality in my didgeridoo crafting by listening to his customers feedback and demands. Along with putting forward some great ideas of his own, and communicating with me on what we could improve on, Reno the shop owner and fellow didgeridoo enthusiast has worked tirelessly to ensure his store has the worlds finest instruments available from the best makers in Australia, getting what is in my opinion, the largest and finest collection of traditional Termite hollowed didgeridoos and Yidaki available on the market! him and his friendly team there are very knowledgeable and do a great job at finding what it is that will suit your needs.
Located in The Rocks Visitor Centre in the main hub of Sydney, just by the Sydney harbour Bridge, The Opera house and Circular Quay, its a must stop shop for anyone interested in a didgeridoo or viewing authentic aboriginal artworks. If your passing through Sydney Australia you cant miss a visit to Spirit Gallery and say hi to Reno and his team in Spirit Gallery!

European Stockists

The name says it all!!! Gregory from Didgeridoo Passion in France has worked along side with me for 3 years now and is not only the store founder/owner but he is a successful performing artist, didgeridoo enthusiast and a super nice guy!! His passion for finding the worlds best instruments is flawless! his store in Alsace, in the east of France is located in one of the most picturesque parts of France in the small village of Walbach. If your in Europe and looking for an exceptional didgeridoo or wish to browse through his collection of world music instruments you can not miss visiting Gregory at Didgeridoo Passion!
Sit in the courtyard in the beautiful french countryside scenery and play to your hearts content and chat with Gregory about what may best suit you. he has a huge collection of O’Meara didgeridoos and also a collection of some of Europe’s top makers as well. He stocks everything that is Didgeridoo and also stocks the infamous Hang Drum (hand pan) and many other world music instruments of the weird and wonderful! If your in Europe and have a passion for didgeridoos! Then you cant go past Didgeridoo Passion! :)


Established in 1998 by brothers Michael and Yves both didgeridoo enthusiasts, Didgeridoo house is Switzerland’s “go to” place for high end top quality didgeridoos!
After travelling around for quite a while in Australia they both got addicted to the sound of the didgeridoo! The instrument became a big part of their life, and together they created Premium didgeridoo shop “Didgeridoo house”
Since then they have specialized in selling high quality didgeridoos (plus accessories like bags pads and stands) as well as offering learning sessions on how to play the Didgeridoo.
Their aim is to continue to be the premium didgeridoo shop in Switzerland and it’s German speaking areas. Offering a fine selection of instruments for you to choose from and by providing tuition for beginners so anyone can also discover the love they both share for the didgeridoo!
Over the years since they began they have supplied hundreds of high quality instruments to both beginners and enthusiasts alike, they have taught countless people to enjoy and play didgeridoo and have a great outlook on educating people about this amazing instrument and its background.
They stock a great range of O’Meara Didgeridoos and both welcome you to come and say hi to check out their stuff.