My ethics, philosophy’s and experiences in didgeridoo making…

A didgeridoo to suit every player

Being both a professional didgeridoo maker and a touring musician performing around the world, playing both didgeridoo and various other stringed instruments, writing and performing music is just as much of a passion as making these wonderful instruments is. It’s from this and the many scenarios I’ve played in, and also from the chances I’ve had to sit and play thousands of different didgeridoos alone, I’ve learned what is needed out of a didgeridoo for a player and their style, and what is required in the making of a didgeridoo for the many different individuals circumstances, from either the big stage, outdoor or indoor playing, solo acoustic playing, meditation, healing didgeridoos, deep long didjis, fast high didjis, studio recording sticks, busking or travelling sticks! There are just so many different types of didges out there! and usually not just one will suit all of your needs. However I try my hardest to find what is best suited for each individual player.

To do this I make a whole range of different types of didgeridoos, all of an extremely high quality. I personally and very carefully select the best timber and termite bores available.

I have a firm belief that a high quality playing instrument that will last you for a lifetime should be available to everyone from beginner to professional and not just for those who can afford to pay in excess of a thousand dollars. I craft a range of sticks from lower more affordable priced didges to special high end professional playing sticks. All of my sticks are superbly crafted with much time, patience and love placed into them.

All of my instruments have been made using the finest quality wood oils and finishing products available on the market. Each didgeridoo has been chiselled, carved and tuned to its best playing ability. If it doesn’t reach a certain standard of playing qualities which I adhere too, I simply won’t sell it. Eucalyptus wood makes for great firewood as well ;) and sometimes that’s exactly where they will go if they don’t fit the grade.!

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