Ian Swann (Melbourne, Australia)

I bought a sweet didj from Tristan. A smooth sounding didj went with a smooth transaction. I called Tristan a couple of times to get the low down on what he had and it was like talking to a good mate. No story telling just good advice on what he had. He sent me a few pictures with prices which made the decision of what to buy easy. The didj was packed securely and arrived when it was meant to. Good Australian timber hollowed by white ant, crafted and finished off brilliantly. Doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a professional, if you’re thinking about buying a didj then get onto this bloke. You know your onto a good thing when the bloke who makes the didj can play the bloody thing! While you’re at it buy his CD ‘Southern Breezes’.

Ian Swann (Melbourne, Australia)

Darryl Switzer (Canada)

Bought my Didge 2013 from Tristan in the key of E and couldn’t be more happy with the feel, sound, sexie look and most of all the play-ability on this baby. Talking with Tristan before purchasing sealed the deal with whom I was investing in. Very awesome guy to deal with who just like me loves to talk about the fine craft of a didge and he has proven to know what the hell he’s talking about 150% Plus it came with an awesome CD

Darryl from Canada

Blake Noble (Seattle, Washington)

I normally use a PVC Didgeridoo when performing over here in the USA, but when I saw the beautiful wooden Yidaki that Tristan hand made for me, I could tell that he put a lot of work and love into it and I had to play it.
The first time I used it on stage was at Chinook Music Festival in Naches, Washington. There were about 1,000 people in the crowd who were completely silent and mesmorised as I played the new stick for the first time. It echoed around the mountains and produced a beautiful, clear drone that grabbed people immediately.
It’s not just about the player, it’s also the Yidaki itself, and the person who made it. Tristan’s energy is felt through the Yidaki as a man with good intentions in a world that is unfortunately full of mass produced Didgeridoo’s. I highly recommend Tristan O’Meara Didgeridoo’s for anyone seeking a quality stick that you will keep for a lifetime.

Blake Noble Multi Instrumentalist – Seattle, Washington www.blakenoblemusic.com